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Wireless AP 3825

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Purpose built for the mobile user experience 
High- performance, enterprise-grade for mission critical deployments.
The AP3825 is a high-performance 802.11ac and 802.11abgn indoor access point purpose built for high-density deployments. This access point is designed to operate in heavy-user and mission critical environments such as healthcare facilities, universities, conference centers, arenas, and stadiums. Active/active data ports and multiple power options ensure that the AP3825 provides always-on connectivity for data, high-bandwidth video applications and low-latency voice applications.
Unique to this class of access point, the power efficient AP3825 uses 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) without reducing its performance or degrading its enterprise-grade capabilities. This means that an upgrade to more expensive switches for support of the higher PoE 802.3at standard is not required thereby providing investment protection for existing switch infrastructure.


High performance enterprise class AP    √
Number of radios    2
MIMO implementation for high performance 11ac
& 11n throughputs    3x3
Number of spatial streams    3
Maximum Throughput 2.4GHz Radio    450Mbps
Maximum Throughput 5GHz Radio    1.3Gbps
Maximum Throughput per AP    1.75Gbps
RFC2285 Wire/Wireless Forwarding Rate    75,000 packets per second
Number of SSIDs supported per radio / total    8 / 16
Simultaneous users per AP    316
Simultaneous Voice calls (802.11b, G711, R>80)    12 or greater
Mode of operation    Semi-autonomous
Plug and play operation/Zero touch deployment    √
Security and Standards    WPA, WPA2 (AES), 802.11i, 802.1x, IPSec, IKEv2, PKCS #10, X509 DER / PKCS #12PKCS #10, X509 DER / PKCS #12