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WiNG NX 9500 Controller

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Centralized Service Delivery and Management Platform

Control Your Entire Network with a Single, Centralized Command Center
Are you prepared to manage the explosion of wireless devices and mobile applications in your enterprise? With our
Extreme Wireless WiNG NX 9500 Integrated Services Platform for the NOC or private cloud, you will be. This single appliance provides one management interface through which your entire distributed network can be controlled — including the NX 4500/6500 Integrated Services Platform for the branch office, access points, guest access services, telephony services, mobile applications, and the mobile devices in the hands of your workforce. The NX 9500 Series feature set includes centralized management of initial and ongoing configurations, security policies, remote troubleshooting, hotspot management, and DHCP, Radius AAA, and FTP services.


Complete Visibility of the Entire Distributed Deployment
One point of configuration;
Extreme Wireless WiNG 5 provides comprehensive management and multiple points of control for up to 10,000 multi-vendor network elements; provides granular control-plane management

Centralized Troubleshooting and Network Assurance
Single pane of glass for remote troubleshooting of the wired/wireless network that is distributed across multiple locations with different architectures; aggregated KPIs provide a global network health view while remote tools allow troubleshooting of individual network elements; tools include historical troubleshooting via detailed forensics

Guest Access Analytics
Analytics and reports on device-user browsing behavior provide insight into the usage of guest access networks; usage data includes date and duration of use, device and user profile, and websites visited

Security at the Network Edge
Each packet is inspected at Layer 2 via a stateful firewall, IPSEC VPN, and 24×7 Wireless Intrusion Protection System (WIPS); built-in sensors provide better control of your broadcast domain

Hierarchical Management
Simplified policy management for platform and platform-less deployment architectures in the network

Multi-Level Resiliency with Spectrum Management
Smart RF management mitigates the RF disruption caused by Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference, faulty antennas, dynamic dead spots, or neighboring access point failures by allowing the WLAN to automatically and intelligently adapt to changes in the RF environment; the optional Spectrum Analysis module available on the centralized NX 9500 Platform allows the visualization and identification of the source of spectrum interference

Simple Installation and Remote Debugging
Fast and easy zero-touch installation; rule-based access point and NX 4500/ 6500 adoption from all locations; centralized point for gathering remote troubleshooting data

BYOD Support
Fingerprinting, analytics, and identity management help manage and secure user-owned devices with differential access based on user roles and different devices per user on the network, along with time-based statistics on user behavior on the hotspot

Simplified License Management for Large Distributed Enterprises
Distribute and use licenses based on actual load per site/location — no need to provision each location individually; eliminate the need to provision devices in both local offices and the NOC with access point licenses

Management of Extreme Networks’ Unified Retail Communications Solution
Enables management of voice services located at branch offices, delivering VoIP, mobile extension to the PBX, enterprise-grade push-to-talk, and more

Multi-Vendor Mobile Device Management
Centrally manage up to 500,000+ handsets deployed at remote sites, including devices based on the Apple iOS and Android

End-To-End Support Services
Increase uptime and reduce support costs for your NX 9500 Series solution with our optional comprehensive support service offerings