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Summit X450-G2

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Product Overview

The Summit X450-G2 switches are highly effective campus edge switches with available IEEE 802.3at PoE-plus power to support 802.11ac wave 2 Access Points, full motion cameras and other POE+ devices. The Summit X450-G2 series is also an option for DSLAM or CMTS aggregation as well as active Ethernet access. Available in 24- or 48- port 10/100/1000 configurations, the Summit X450-G2 also provides a choice of either 4 1GbE or 4 10GbE uplink ports on the front faceplate, making it an extremely versatile option for a wide variety of edge switching requirements.

The Summit X450-G2 series is based on Extreme Networks revolutionary ExtremeXOS, a highly resilient OS that provides continuous uptime, manageability and operational efficiency. ExtremeXOS also supports advanced role-based policy functionalities on select Summit switches including the Summit X450-G2. Role-based policy establishes a secure framework where every user receives a predetermined set of rules for accessing the network based on their role in the organization. Policies are defined and centrally managed by Extreme Networks’ NetSight, a single pane-of-glass management system that automatically pushes policies to Extreme Networks’ access points and switches in the network, significantly simplifying IT’s task of managing a secure network and enhancing operational efficiency. The feature provides customers the flexibility to define end-to-end policy in mixed Extreme Networks’ wired and wireless environments, including those with Access Points, the A, B, C, K, and S-Series switches, and the Summit x450-G2, X460-G2, X670-G2 and X770 switches. Each switch offers the same high-performance, non-blocking hardware technology, in the Extreme Networks tradition of simplifying network deployments through the use of common hardware and software throughout the network.