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Extreme Wireless Controllers C5210

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Award-winning wireless appliances provide an exceptional user experience, regardless of location.
Our Wireless Controllers are simple to deploy and manage, yet provide advanced functionality to allow organizations to define how wireless voice/video/data traffic is processed without architectural constraints and in accordance with the business needs.
The Wireless Appliance portfolio includes:

The C25 supporting up to 100 Access Points (APs)
The C35 supporting up to 250 APs
The V2110 supporting up to 1,050 APs
The C5210 supporting up to 2,000 APs
virtual and physical appliances have resiliency built in from the start; no additional software to add or purchase. Running as active-active pairs, if an appliance happens to fail the other appliance is able to take over the full load while maintaining access point connectivity. Failover occurs within milliseconds; access points continue running without interruption to existing or new client connections.
Scalable to 2,000 Access Points per wireless appliance with unified management of 802.11ac and 802.11n Access Points
Seamless roaming with centralized and distributed forwarding
Integrated wireless IPS to proactively protect against security threats
High-availability architecture for real-time voice/video/data applications, included at no additional cost